Every girl dreams of being a princess, or a model. Well today we meet Krista. This 19 year old aspiring model has signed with an official talent agency. You would not believe the amount of begging we had to do for her to agree, and how much more begging we had to do to get them to let her!

Today we not only test her modeling prowess, but test her chops as an actress. So we did a little skit with the haircut/head shaving as the big ending…. DARN I just gave away the ending!

Now I might be wrong but more then just her hair is going to be coming off… I did it again. I really need to stop revealing all the surprises!

We drove an hour to pick her friend up for her, then another hour to come and pick her up, then an hour to go to the bank and some where we could do a shoot. What a day!

All said and done, this is definitely one you will not want to miss!